What is the frequency of Staturory Engineering Inspections? Heres a helpful little Inspection guide for all your equipment. Regulations do change so please always refer to http://www.hse.gov.uk. 

How often do I need to carry out Statutory Engineering Inspections?

The Government has set out a guide for the minimum frequency ( see left) but they also state that the frequency should be based on  the outcome of risk assessment carried out be a competent person. You may wish to increase the frequency if, for example, you operate machines in hazardous environments. We can arrange a risk assessment of your site to determine what we believe to be a safe maintenance schedule and inspection frequency.

What we can inspect:

  • Cranes
  • Vehicle mounted cranes
  • Loose equipment (chains shackles etc)
  • Garage Equipment (2 post lifts etc)
  • Forklifts, side loaders & Reachstackers 
  • Recovery Vehicles
  • Winches
  • Compressors with pressure vessels
  • Hydraulic presses & Jacks
  • Exhaust ventilation systems
  • roller shutter doors
  • Skip lifting vehicles
  • excavators
  • Big Big plant equipment 
  • ....... and most stuff in-between..

When possible a full thorough examination will be carried out covering both LOLER & PUWER